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PAULETTE TERLINDEN (Henry) POPP's family WIFE of :Henry Cecil Hugo (Paulette Terlinden/Susan Gilroy) Popp
Cecile Eugenie Paulette Popp (Cengiz) Mangtay (North Vancouver, BC - 1974 ) DAUGHTER of PAULETTE TERLINDEN (Henry) POPP Ascendant / Descendant
CENGIZ (Cecile Eugenie Popp) MANGTAY  Husband of Cecile Eugenie Paulette Popp (Cengiz) MangtayAscendant / Descendant
Alfred Henry Paul (Jennifer Evans) Popp (North Vancouver, British Columbia - 1977 ) SON of PAULETTE TERLINDEN (Henry) POPP Ascendant / Descendant
JENNIFER EVANS (Alfred) POPP  Wife of Alfred Henry Paul (Jennifer Evans) PoppAscendant / Descendant
Philip Robert Alexander Popp (Pinneberg, West Germany - 1978 ) SON of PAULETTE TERLINDEN (Henry) POPP Ascendant / Descendant
Robert Henry Christopher (Yvette Emma Burke) Popp (Hamburg , Germany - 1980 ) SON of PAULETTE TERLINDEN (Henry) POPP Ascendant / Descendant
YVETTE EMMA (Robert Henry Christopher Popp) BURKE  Wife of Robert Henry Christopher (Yvette Emma Burke) PoppAscendant / Descendant
News & Updates
Cynthia Deems von Keyserling passed away on July 23, 20022.
By | 7/26/2022
Cynthia was the wife of Christopher von Keyserling and the mother of Elisabeth, Katherine and Richard von Keyserling. Our sympathies  to the family.Sander.July 2022...................
My travels to the Canadian Arctic. June 2022
By | 7/14/2022
I spent a few days in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada and wrote a report which you can read at:https://sandersblog.blogspot.com/2022/07/my-travels-to-canadian-arctic-july-2022.html...................
Summary of April 14th 2022 family video chat
By | 4/16/2022
HI all,We had our first family group chat which actually went well and some were on the call for 2 hours. Alfred The Judge Keyserlingk of Dresden tried to join the night before but did not make it thi...................
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