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Important Keyserlingk documents now available on line.

I have opened an off-site document storage account to hold certain large and important Keyserlingk documents.  You can read these documents on line or download them if you wish. 

Einige grosse und wichtige Keyserlingk Dokumente sind jetzt digital auf einer Dokumentelagerwebsite abgespeichert.  Sie koennen diese Dokumente entweder lesen oder fuer sich auf Ihrem Komputer abladen.

1. Nachrichten und Urkunden von dem Geschlechte von Keyserlingk, von Freiherr  H A J Keyserlingk, 1853. Scanned by Hellmuth von Bogen. Hellmuths grandmother was Clementine Wilhelmine Baronesse Keyserlingk (William Louis Friedrich) von Bogen.  This is a huge document of some 146 pages and contains some 114 mbs of data in PDF format. Be patient as it takes quite a while to open due to it huge size even on a high speed internet connection. The book is full of interesting information including very nice individual family trees and complete Baron and Count family trees at the end of the book.  This complete book can be searched using the PDF search engine.  The book can be seen at:

1a.  This book was translated into English by Nicolas Alexander Graf Keyserlingk of Montreal.  It can be seen at:


2.Ergaenzungen zum Buche der Keyserling, 1937. 7 Interesting family stories. Compiled by Robert Graf Keyserlingk. Scanned by Sander K . These are stories which were not included in the printed book, Das Buch der Keyserlinge. The document is in manuscript form only.  It can seen at:

3. A new Keyserlingk family tree developed by Hellmuth von Bogen in 2007 and updated in 2008.  Can be seen at:

4. A new detailed description of Keyserlingk family compiled by Hellmuth von Bogen, May 2007 and updated in 2008. 116 pages with info on each person up to present date. This is done in the style of a Gotha with data on each person. A big advantage of having this in PDF format is that one can search the document quickly for any name or word in this huge text.  Use the search button when the document opens and it will show how many times and where specific words appear in this complex docuement. Hellmuth is constantly correcting this document and I will update the posting from time to time. What I have posted is the May 2008 edition.

The 2008 edition can be seen at

Sander, February 202.

Translation of 1853 Book on Keyserlingk Geneology
This was done by Nicolas Alexander Graf Keyserlingk in 2021 from German to English. It can be seen at:
By: Nicolas Alexander Graf Keyserlingk