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    Family tree starts in: 1226  |  Total Family members: 5450 English  Deutsch  
Wolf Heinrich (Erika Nunni Hirsch) von Trotha's family Siblings : Thilo Ernst Johan (Christa von Ruexleben) von Trotha
Thilo (Sophie Spies von Buellersheim) von Trotha  SON of Wolf Heinrich (Erika Nunni Hirsch) von Trotha Ascendant / Descendant
SOPHIE SPIES VON BUELLERSHEIM (tHILO) VON TROTHA  Wife of Thilo (Sophie Spies von Buellersheim) von TrothaAscendant / Descendant
Wolfdietrich (Imgard Zahoransky) von Trotha  ( 1938 ) SON of Wolf Heinrich (Erika Nunni Hirsch) von Trotha Ascendant / Descendant
IRMGARD ZAHORANSKY (Wolfdietrich) VON TROTHA  Wife of Wolfdietrich (Imgard Zahoransky) von TrothaAscendant / Descendant
Alheit von Trotha (Hans-Juergen) Tiller  ( 1941 ) DAUGHTER of Wolf Heinrich (Erika Nunni Hirsch) von Trotha Ascendant / Descendant
HANS-JUERGEN (ALHEIT VON TROTHA) TILLER  Husband of Alheit von Trotha (Hans-Juergen) TillerAscendant / Descendant
News & Updates
Copy of Wolfspoint Guestbook
By | 6/9/2024
This is a fascinating record of the many families and people who passed through Wolfspoint. This house had been bought by Robert Wendelin and Henry Keyserlingk for their father, Henry The Whaler and...................
Old pictures of Henry The Whaler, Keyserling
By | 6/4/2024
Andrey  Glazovsky has discovered a series old pictures of Henry the Whaler supervising the loading of one of his coastal ships (Eldorado) serving out of Vladivostok, Russia. You can see the 2 pic...................
Scott Ruggels passed away on May 9th, 2024.
By | 6/4/2024
To Scott’s Dear Friends and Family, (Written on Facebook by his sister Michelle)It is with great sadness that we let you know that Scott passed away on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024. He had just turned 60...................
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