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BRIGITTE MOUROT (Ulrich) GRAEFIN KROCKOW's family WIFE of :Ulrich (Brigitte Mourot) Graf von Krockow
Erik Matthias Graf von Kr0ckow (Trier - 1973 ) SON of BRIGITTE MOUROT (Ulrich) GRAEFIN KROCKOW Ascendant / Descendant
Valeska Elisabeth Comtesse von Krakow (Trier - 1975 ) DAUGHTER of BRIGITTE MOUROT (Ulrich) GRAEFIN KROCKOW Ascendant / Descendant
Christoph Alexis Graf von Krakow (Hamburg - 1981 ) SON of BRIGITTE MOUROT (Ulrich) GRAEFIN KROCKOW Ascendant / Descendant
News & Updates
Paul Schniewind hat gescrieben
By | 6/10/2021
Paul Schniewind über Paul Keyserling.Paul hat eine Biographie von Paul Keyserling dem Dichter geschrieben. Man kann sie hier lesen:  https://app.box.com/shared/sxhtx2efsz ...................
Nico Keyserlingk has translated from German an important Keyserling (k) history Book
By | 6/10/2021
The book describes in detail some 300 Keyserling relatives and is full of lovely trees and crests. It is a seminal book written in 1853 about the Keyserling family history. Nico has translated the ori...................
Life story of Maxim Kosmonenko, husband of Irene Keyserling
By | 5/5/2021
Our cousin Andrey Glazofsky has found a detailed story of the life of Maxim Kosmonenko. Cousin Alfred, The Judge, Keyserlingk has added some personal notes at the end. This all  can be read at: ...................
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