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DIANE LOUISE BROWN (Anthony Joachim Philip) BARONIN VON HAHN's family WIFE of :Anthony Joachim Philipp (Diane Louise Brown) Baron von Hahn
Dylan Charles Cecile Baron von Hahn (Port Alberny - 1995 ) SON of DIANE LOUISE BROWN (Anthony Joachim Philip) BARONIN VON HAHN Ascendant / Descendant
News & Updates
Veronica Turcot gives birth to a son.
By | 7/20/2024
Veronica Turcot, daughter of Andrea Keyserlingk, and Veronicas spouse Pierre Luc Murray-Decarie are the proud parents of their first son, Theo Henri Michel Decarie. He was born in Gatineau, Quebec on ...................
Keyserlingk.info website about to reach 30 million hits.
By | 7/19/2024
If you look at the bottom right of the home page of family website, Keyserlingk.info, you will see the small counter. It is about to hit 30 million. I have no idea of how many are individual visitors ...................
Edward Ted Keyserlingk of Montreal reaches the venerable age of 90
By | 7/19/2024
I am pleased to announce that my older brother Ted had his 90th birthday on July 16th.  This makes him one of the oldest Keyserlingk in history and, I believe , the oldest living Keyserlingk. You...................
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