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    Family tree starts in: 1226  |  Total Family members: 5446 English  Deutsch  
Ragna Gisela Jacobine Elisabeth Baronesse von Hahn (Ernst) Harre's family Siblings : Bianca Maria Irene Renate Luise Helene Baronesse von Hahn (Viktor) Freiin von Tiesenhausen, Philipp Georg Theodor Baron von Hahn, Georg Wilhelm Carl Susu (Erika Donndorf) Baron von Hahn, Albrecht Eberhard Theodor (Vera von Watzdorf/Veronika Eschenbruch) Baron von Hahn
No Descendants Found for Ragna Gisela Jacobine Elisabeth Baronesse von Hahn (Ernst) Harre  who is a DAUGHTER of  Anita Sabine Virginie Hermine Marie Baronesse Keyserlingk (Eberhard Edmund) Baronin von Hahn
News & Updates
Sonia Keyserlingk is looking for a host family in the US or in Canada
By | 2/21/2024
Sebastian Keyserlingk who lives in Berlin is looking for a family that would be willing to receive his 15 year old daughter Sonia. Sonia wants to spend up to 5 months in Canada or in the US betw...................
read about the connection of families Keyserlingk, Kern and Knoop.
By | 2/16/2024
Hamish Macleod has just provided me with an interesting Kern family story which you can read at:https://app.box.com/s/d050e7902809f5aa45b2 <p>Sander February 2024...................
Nice collection of old von der Recke pictures from Sigrid Keyserlingks family.
By | 2/3/2024
Kathrin von Dehn has put together a nice collection that can be seen at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/i5CeFosBykVjxyFj9         Sander.   Jan 2024....................
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