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    Family tree starts in: 1226  |  Total Family members: 5449 English  Deutsch  
Anna Juliana Jacobina Freiin von Kleist (Georg Hasmann) von Baumgarten's family Siblings : Johann Ewald Nicolaus (Johanne Baronesse von Grotthuss/Annette von Bremen) Freiherr von Kleist, Eleonor Constantia Anna Freiin von Kleist, Karoline Polyxena Sofia Therese Julianne Elisabeth Josepha Christiane Baronesse von Kleist, Theresia Friederke Caroline Freiin von Kleist, Louis Christof (Julie Charlotte Baronesse von Behr/Caroline Baronesse von Koskull/Frederike Baronesse von Grotthuss) Baron von Kleist- Keyserlingk, Charlotte Josepha Wilhelmine Freiin von Kleist (Dietrich von Kummel/Peter) Feoderoff, Friedrich Christian Ewald (Jeanette Louise Grothauss/Annette von Bremern) Baron von Kleist, Dorothea Anna Luise Eva Freiin von Klein (Johann Gustav) von Medem, Elizabeth Friederike Luise Nepomucena Freiin von Kleist, Julie Wilhelmine Freiin von Kleist (Carl) Reichsfreiin von Dillingshausen
No Descendants Found for Anna Juliana Jacobina Freiin von Kleist (Georg Hasmann) von Baumgarten  who is a DAUGHTER of  Marie Louise Julie Theresia Baronesse Keyserlingk (Christian Ewald) Baronin von Kleist
News & Updates
Memoirs of our newly found Russian cousins now in English
By | 2/26/2024
It is my pleasure to introduce to all the family, these new relatives. You can read these memoirs at:https://app.box.com/s/y3g17vndrhpbgg9m0yoguvt84lagj15o  I would recommend these newly found...................
Book by Alfred Keyserling in German now on line.
By | 2/23/2024
Our cousin, Karl Eckstein of Switzerland, has digitalized this interesting book in German  by Alfred Keyserling, Graf Keyserling erzaehlt. The book was published in1937. It tells of Alfreds life ...................
Sonia Keyserlingk is looking for a host family in the US or in Canada
By | 2/21/2024
Sebastian Keyserlingk who lives in Berlin is looking for a family that would be willing to receive his 15 year old daughter Sonia. Sonia wants to spend up to 5 months in Canada or in the US betw...................
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