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    Family tree starts in: 1226  |  Total Family members: 5412 English  Deutsch  
Hermann Friedrich Freiherr Keyserlingk's family Siblings : Adolf Moritz (Marianne Rahel Sophie Reichsgraefin von Seydewitz) Freiherr Keyserlingk, Johann Wilhelm Freiherr Keyserlingk, August Wilhelm Freiherr Keyserlingk, Georg Kasimir Freiherr Keyserlingk, Amalie Christine Friederike Baronesse Keyserlingk, Otto Ernst Freiherr Keyserlingk, Carl Alexander Gothard Freiherr Keyserlingk, Christine Agnese Caroline Baronesse Keyserlingk
No Descendants Found for Hermann Friedrich Freiherr Keyserlingk  who is a SON of  Hermann Heinrich Friedrich(Christine von Pflugk) Freiherr von Keyserlingk
News & Updates
Paul Schniewind hat gescrieben
By | 6/10/2021
Paul Schniewind über Paul Keyserling.Paul hat eine Biographie von Paul Keyserling dem Dichter geschrieben. Man kann sie hier lesen:  https://app.box.com/shared/sxhtx2efsz ...................
Nico Keyserlingk has translated from German an important Keyserling (k) history Book
By | 6/10/2021
The book describes in detail some 300 Keyserling relatives and is full of lovely trees and crests. It is a seminal book written in 1853 about the Keyserling family history. Nico has translated the ori...................
Life story of Maxim Kosmonenko, husband of Irene Keyserling
By | 5/5/2021
Our cousin Andrey Glazofsky has found a detailed story of the life of Maxim Kosmonenko. Cousin Alfred, The Judge, Keyserlingk has added some personal notes at the end. This all  can be read at: ...................
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