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Anna Sybylle Baronesse Keyserlingk (Gotthard Conrad) von der Raab-Thuelen's family Siblings : George Johann (Dorothea Freiin von Budberg) Baron Keyserlingk, Ernst Georg Baron Keyserlingk, Wilhelm Friedrich Baron Keyserlingk, Margarethe Baronin Keyserlingk, Ernst Heinrich (Dorothea Baronesse von Medem) Baron Keyserlingk
Johann-Ernst (Karoline Baronesse Keyserlingk) von Raab-Thuelen  ( 1734 ) SON of Anna Sybylle Baronesse Keyserlingk (Gotthard Conrad) von der Raab-Thuelen Ascendant / Descendant
KAROLINE BARONESSE KEYSERLINGK (Johann Ernst) VON RAAB-THUELEN  Wife of Johann-Ernst (Karoline Baronesse Keyserlingk) von Raab-ThuelenAscendant / Descendant
News & Updates
Phoenix Ouelette gets his Master in Law degree
By | 6/21/2024
Phoenix is the son of Cecile Keyserlingk and Richard Ouelette. Cecile is the  daughter of Henry and Madeleine Keyserlingk.  Phoenix has completed his Bar exams and needs only to do a 6 month...................
Copy of Wolfspoint Guestbook
By | 6/9/2024
This is a fascinating record of the many families and people who passed through Wolfspoint. This house had been bought by Robert Wendelin and Henry Keyserlingk for their father, Henry The Whaler and...................
Old pictures of Henry The Whaler, Keyserling
By | 6/4/2024
Andrey  Glazovsky has discovered a series old pictures of Henry the Whaler supervising the loading of one of his coastal ships (Eldorado) serving out of Vladivostok, Russia. You can see the 2 pic...................
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