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News & Updates
Agnes and Michael von Kempis are the proud parents of Nathalie.
By | 1/22/2015
Nathalie arrived on the seventh day of January 2015, at 21:56, weighing in at 3.59kg and 51cm.Congratulations to the von Kempis for your fifth child.SanderJamuary 21. 2015...................
Cecile Popp and Cengiz Mangtay are the proud parents of a new son.
By | 1/21/2015
Their 3rd child was born in January 2015 in Istanbul and has been named Nezih Nicolas Mangtay.  Congratulations....................
Pictures/Bilder 2014 Potsdam Keyserlingk Family meeting/Familientag
By | 10/21/2014
Some 200 pictures of the September 2014 Berlin family meeting attended by some 50 adults and 25 children (the names can be seen for most people by putting the mouse over the face) are available b...................
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The site carries information on over 5000 descendants of both the Count and the Baron branches of the Keyserlingk family.
The site spans the family history over a period of 900 years and includes 24 generations. The site allows Keyserling(k) relatives throughout the world to contact each other to learn more
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Latest Events
4 ..Family reunion 2014 in Potsdam, Berlin,Germany
Diedrich Keyserlingk made arrangements for a family reunion which took place in Potsdam, Berlin,Germany on the week-end of September 27th, 2014. A big Danke to Armgard and Diedrich for organizing the family meeting. It was the first family reunion since the one in Canada in 2004. It was a great event at which some 50 family members attended along with some 20 young children. There were 3 g ................... Read More
Our main purpose
The main purpose of this website is to bring all the descendants of the Keyserlingk family together.
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It is interesting to note that the common ancestor of the Count and Baron lines of the family is one Hermann Keyserlingk who lived around the 13th century!
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