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The site carries information on over 5000 descendants of both the Count and the Baron branches of the Keyserlingk family.  The site spans the family history over a period of 900 years and includes 24 generations.  This site allows Keyserling(k) relatives throughout the world to contact each other and to learn more about their family and its history.  The language is mainly English as many members no longer speak German. This reflects how international the Keyserling(k) family is today with relatives living in some 23 countries.  Eine deutsche Ausgabe dieser Site steht zur Verfuegung. Druecken Sie auf das Wort Deutsch oben rechts. 

It is interesting to note that the common ancestor of  the Count and Baron lines of the family is one Hermann Keyserlingk who lived around the 13th century!  Yet we are still cousins!  The site also follows the families of  female Keyserlingks of current and previous generations. This more complete family concept  allows us to see how we are related to our cousins of the families into which a female Keyserling(k)  or Keyserling(k) descendant married.  For this reason, one will also find information on this site about such families as Barrett, von Below,  Boccardi. von Bogen, Bordehl von Bordelius, von Braun, von der Brueggen, Crawford, von Dehn, Drechsler, Finck von Finckenstein, von Fircks, von Grotthuss, von Hahn, Hillis, von Hoerner, von Kleist, von Knigge, von Lieven, Nickles, von der Pahlen, Penner, Perkins, Popp, von Quistorp, von Rahden, von der Recke, von Reichenbach, von Roenne, von der Ropp, von Rosen, Ruggels, Schick, Schirinski Schikhmatoff,  Schniewind, Scott, Spano, Sponholz, Stiassni, von Stromberg, von Thurn und Taxis, Trebuchet, Turcot,  von Vietinghoff, von Wechmar, Wilson and many other families.   These are families who had Keyserling(k) Mother, Grandmother or even Great Grandmother. 

There are a few conventions I use on this site.  FIRST, if you are searching for someone or want to do a Relationship Finder between 2 persons, you need to find those persons by their first names from the drop down list.   As there are so some many people with the same family names, I had to create this mechanism. Still, if you search by Alexander for example, you will find more than 100 persons.  For this reason, I have included as many given names as I could find for each person.  Try and use a given name which is less common.   SECOND, all persons who are direct descendants of Keyserling(k)  (carry Keyserling(k) DNA) are inputted in small case letters.  All persons who married into their Keyserling(k) families are inputted in capital letters. THIRD, with  the names of married female members, I have included  in brackets the first names of the husbands.  In the case of married male persons,  I have included, in brackets, the full name of their wives. It is another way of making sure you find the right person.  I have not completed this job yet.   Just a hint:if you are searching for someone, it is often easier to search for their spouse or one of their children first as he or she may have a first or family name which is not so often used. Then,  from the spouses or childs card you can click on the name of the husband or wife and go directly to their personal cards. FOURTH, following many names you will note the place and/or their year of birth to help distinguish people even more.   

The site also allows members to post their pictures and other personal data to their Personal Cards,in either English or German. The site also  collects family stories, announcements and details of upcoming and past events. These include the August 2004 Keyserling(k) family reunion in Labelle, Canada  which almost 100 Keyserling(k) cousins attended, or the Keyserling Symposium held in Estonia in September 2003 or the 2002 Family reunion in Dresden.  The site allows you to look up relatives and learn about them. It  has pictures and Email addresses of some 300 of your relatives.    You can see how two persons are related using the Relationship Finder.  Try it.  It is easy and fun to use!

Check out the History/Stories section of the website which carries interesting articles about the family and its history. Learn something new about your family and about your ancestors.

I am Alexander (Sander) Nicolas Count Keyserlingk and I am the site webmaster.  If you are a Keyserling(k) family member directly or indirectly and have changes you wish to make, contact me at  I will provide you the password to edit your personal card, or that of others if you see the need.  Please also notify me of additions and deletions which are needed to keep the site up to date as this must be done by an Administrator.

If you know of other families who would like to use this unique technology to build their own family website, please have them contact me on the costs involved.

Sander and Brigitte.

May 2014

Sunday, November 30, 2014