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MAXIMILIAN (Eleonore von Janson) VON ZEDTWITZ's family HUSBAND of :Eleonore von Janson (Maximilian) von Zedtwitz
Joachim (Karin Schoeche) von Zedtwitz (Wien - 1910 ) SON of MAXIMILIAN (Eleonore von Janson) VON ZEDTWITZ Ascendant / Descendant
KARIN SCHOECHE (Joachim) VON ZEDTWITZ  Wife of Joachim (Karin Schoeche) von ZedtwitzAscendant / Descendant
Maximilian (Angela Wang) von Zedtwitz  Wife of Joachim (Karin Schoeche) von ZedtwitzAscendant / Descendant
News & Updates
New Keyserling(k) Facebook page just opened
By | 8/5/2020
I have set up a new family-only Keyserling(k) Facebook page.  There are already over 70 members registered. If you are related to our family and wish to join, send me an email so I can invite you...................
Hardwin Edmund Alexander Hanafi (Idrea Maria Verena von Dehn) Baron von Hahn passed away
By | 7/30/2020
Edmund passed away recently at the age of 91. Sander KeyserlingkJuly 28, 2020....................
Glitch email. Please excuse and ignore,
By | 7/22/2020
Sorry.  Many received emails with no info from the Keyserlingk family website, It was a programming glitch. Our web technicians are now working to correct it.Sander KeyserlingkJuly 22, 2020...................
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