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Hans Joachim August (Magdalene Yilg) von Bogen 's family Siblings : Adelheid Clementine Emma von Bogen, Alice Renata Erika Anny von Bogen (Wilfried Gebhard Krafft Bodo Freiherr von Wechmar/Massud Hadawi/Paul) Yver, Beatrice Theresia von Bogen (Gernot Rudolf Arndt) Gieseler, Hellmuth William Albert (Gesima Ursula Marwede) von Bogen
Othmar (Audrey) von Bogen  SON of Hans Joachim August (Magdalene Yilg) von Bogen Ascendant / Descendant
AUDREY( Othmar) VON BOGEN  Wife of Othmar (Audrey) von BogenAscendant / Descendant
Lutz von Bogen (Lueneberg - 1948 ) SON of Hans Joachim August (Magdalene Yilg) von Bogen Ascendant / Descendant
Thilo von Bogen (Lueneberg - 1953 ) SON of Hans Joachim August (Magdalene Yilg) von Bogen Ascendant / Descendant
News & Updates
Read my travelogue of our trip down the Danube in October 2022
By | 10/20/2022
You can read this report at:https://sandersblog.blogspot.com/2022/10/down-blue-danube-and-over-to-kracow.htmlSanderOctober 20, 2022...................
Help a great cause in Ukraine
By | 10/19/2022
Please join this fundraiser to help some real heroes who feed the elderly in Ukraine despite the war conditions. See my Gofundme page below:https://gofund.me/e7d0c016
Cynthia Deems von Keyserling passed away on July 23, 2022.
By | 8/29/2022
Cynthia was the wife of Christopher von Keyserling and the mother of Elisabeth, Katherine and Richard von Keyserling. Our sympathies  to the family. Sander.July 2022...................
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