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Agathe Baronesse Keyserlingk (Dietrich) Freiin von Roenne's family Siblings : Johann Ernst (Agnes Sibylle von Nagel/Dorothea Amalia Della Chiesa) Freiherr Keyserlingk, Otto Ernst (Maria Sybilla Baronesse von der Recke/Anna Sibylla Baronesse von Manteuffel) Freiherr Keyserlingk, Hermann Friedrich (Agnese Baronesse von Manteuffel) Baron Keyserlingk, Alexandrina Comtesse Keyserlingk (Magnus Ernst von den Brincken/Christian Wilhelm) von Hoerner, Agnesa Comtesse Keyserlingk (Georg Heinrich) von Hoerner
No Descendants Found for Agathe Baronesse Keyserlingk (Dietrich) Freiin von Roenne  who is a DAUGHTER of  Hermann Ernst (Anna Elisabet Baronesse von Grotthuss) Freiherr Keyserlingk
News & Updates
Two sisters pass away in recent weeks
By | 1/17/2023
It is sad to report that two of our cousins passed away in the last weeks. Xenia Kouka and Kyra Schirinsky Schikhmatoff both died recently. They  are survived by the last sister Irina. We extend ...................
Caroline Keyserlingk und Kant
By | 1/3/2023
Diedrich Keyserling of Berlin provided a detailled report on a conference held in Kalingrad (earlier Koenigsberg).  It provided an overview of the close relation between Caroline Keyserlings fami...................
Old Keyserlingk family pictures
By | 12/27/2022
I just posted a collection of old family pictures I found today.  You can see them athttps://photos.app.goo.gl/iZ7wWo4Fg3dJStoLAPlease let me know if you want me to add or correct the description...................
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