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KATHERINE KNOLL (Alfred) SEIDEL's family WIFE of :Alfred C (Katherine Knoll) Seidel
Gary Seidel  SON of KATHERINE KNOLL (Alfred) SEIDEL Ascendant / Descendant
Robert Seidel (New York - 1927 ) SON of KATHERINE KNOLL (Alfred) SEIDEL Ascendant / Descendant
Jean Margaret Seidel (Homer John) Hulsman (Brooklyn, NY - 1928 ) DAUGHTER of KATHERINE KNOLL (Alfred) SEIDEL Ascendant / Descendant
HOMER JOHN (Jean Margaret Seidel) HULSMAN  Husband of Jean Margaret Seidel (Homer John) HulsmanAscendant / Descendant
News & Updates
A beautiful picture memory of Brigitte Maria Keyserlingk
By | 1/9/2021
Tanya Keyserlingk Wilson has shared this wonderful picture video of the life of her mother Brigitte Maria Keyserlingk (1937-2013). You can see it with music at:   https://photos.app.goo.gl...................
Wolff Baron Keyserlingk passed away
By | 12/22/2020
On December 15th, 2020, Wolff died of Covid-19 complications,  Wolff had been an accomplished magician as well as a lawyer. Sander, December 2020. ...................
Join our new Keyserlingk family page on Facebook. Already more than 100 members on board.
By | 11/12/2020
We now have a closed Keyserlingk family Facebook page with over 100 family members already on board. Its a great way to get to know more about your family members.  If you have not already joined...................
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