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    Family tree starts in: 1226  |  Total Family members: 5346 English  Deutsch  
TRACEY HALLORAN (Jan Robert) GRAEFIN KEYSERLINGK's family WIFE of :Jan Robert (Tracey Halloran) Graf Keyserlingk
Emma Comtesse Keyserlingk  ( 1984 ) DAUGHTER of TRACEY HALLORAN (Jan Robert) GRAEFIN KEYSERLINGK Ascendant / Descendant
Megan Comtesse Keyserlingk  ( 1986 ) DAUGHTER of TRACEY HALLORAN (Jan Robert) GRAEFIN KEYSERLINGK Ascendant / Descendant
News & Updates
Dominique Keyserlingk gets engaged
By | 2/21/2019
Dominique, son of Mireille and Dr John Keyserlingk is now engaged to Geniève Sharp. No date yet for the wedding....................
Hal Crawford a Keyserling relative from New York finds K crest in Tallin, Estonia
By Sander | 1/23/2019
Hal found a Keyserling crest in St. Marys Church in Tallinn Estonia.  The crest is cut in wood.  To see the crest and more details and information please go to: https://app.box.com...................
Ludwig Erik von Hahn married Celia Correa in Lima in November 2018.
By | 12/15/2018
To see a little about Celia go to her personal card....................
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