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    Family tree starts in: 1226  |  Total Family members: 5346 English  Deutsch  
Helene Caroline Baronesse von Grotthuss (Fedor) Baronin von Kleist.'s family Siblings : Ulrike Louise Dorothea Baronesse von Grotthuss (Ludwig) Baronin von Kleist, Max Friedrich Carl Baron von Grotthuss, Louise Jenny Caroline Baronesse von Grotthuss (Christian) Baronin von Osten gen. Sacken, Martha Baronesse von Grotthuss, Anna Baronesse von Grotthuss, Johanna Henriette Doris Baronesse von Grotthuss (Werner) Baronin von Buchholtz, Oskar Fritz Carl Baron von Grotthuss, Kuno Adam Ludwig (Winifred Katterfeld) Baron von Grotthuss, Dorothea Helene Baronesse von Grotthuss (Walter) Freiin Ungern-Sternberg
No Descendants Found for Helene Caroline Baronesse von Grotthuss (Fedor) Baronin von Kleist.  who is a DAUGHTER of  Carl Ernst Oscar Wihelm (Ulrike Baronesse von Fircks/Anna Baronesse von Fircks) Baron von Grotthuss
News & Updates
Gaby Keyserlingk Perkins off to Africa in July 2019
By | 4/11/2019
Gaby and her family are planning their trip to Uganda to visit friends from San Antonio and then on to Tanzania to do a safari with their kids Caleb and Amelia....................
Peter and Gayle von K off to Malawi to visit daughter and family
By | 4/11/2019
Peter and Gayle von Keyserling report:In late June 2019, Gayle and I are planning to go to Malawi, Africa to visit Steve and Amy in Lilongwe where they work with US Aid out of the embassy. Their three...................
New book about Eduard Keyserling, the author
By | 4/6/2019
Title: Keyserling Geheimnis by Klaus Modick.Published by:  Keipenheuer & Witch, 2018. The book is in German and is written as a novel around the real-life events of Eduard K...................
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