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Max Friedrich Carl Baron von Grotthuss's family Siblings : Ulrike Louise Dorothea Baronesse von Grotthuss (Ludwig) Baronin von Kleist, Louise Jenny Caroline Baronesse von Grotthuss (Christian) Baronin von Osten gen. Sacken, Helene Caroline Baronesse von Grotthuss (Fedor) Baronin von Kleist., Martha Baronesse von Grotthuss, Anna Baronesse von Grotthuss, Johanna Henriette Doris Baronesse von Grotthuss (Werner) Baronin von Buchholtz, Oskar Fritz Carl Baron von Grotthuss, Kuno Adam Ludwig (Winifred Katterfeld) Baron von Grotthuss, Dorothea Helene Baronesse von Grotthuss (Walter) Freiin Ungern-Sternberg
No Descendants Found for Max Friedrich Carl Baron von Grotthuss  who is a SON of  Carl Ernst Oscar Wihelm (Ulrike Baronesse von Fircks/Anna Baronesse von Fircks) Baron von Grotthuss
News & Updates
Egbert Keyserlingk was a victim of a Nazi program to eliminate mentally challenged persons
By | 5/25/2019
Alfred, the Judge, Keyserlingk has obtained information which is very disturbing but which he felt should be shared.  He provided a document indicating that Egbert Keyserling,  a son of Mari...................
Curt Keyserlingk is now a Physics and Astronomy Fellow at Birmingham University in the UK.
By | 5/22/2019
Curt is part of the South African branch of the Baron Keyserlingk family. His father was a well-known journalist in South Africa.  Curt has pursued studies in Physics and Astronmy and holds a PHD...................
Henry Keyserlingk passed away peacefully on April 19, 2019 in Cownansville, Quebec
By | 5/6/2019
Dr. John Keyserlingk, his younger brother wrote  He finally lost his 2-year battle with Leukemia. His passing was very gentle thanks to the incredible staff at the Maison Diapason in Bromo...................
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