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    Family tree starts in: 1226  |  Total Family members: 5373 English  Deutsch  
Elisabeth Margarethe Irma Baronesse von der Recke (Horst) von Groddeck's family Siblings : Angele Ilse Margarethe Baronesse von der Recke (Alfred Heinrich) Baronin von der Ropp, Karl Matthias Dietrich Arndt (Charlotte Comtesse Keyserling/Marie Vieweg) Baron von der Recke, Benita Marie Baronesse von der Recke (Reinhold) Baronin von Nolde
Dagmar von Groeddeck (Johann) Baronin von Buchholtz  ( 1910 ) DAUGHTER of Elisabeth Margarethe Irma Baronesse von der Recke (Horst) von Groddeck Ascendant / Descendant
JOHANN HANS WERNER (Dagmar von Groeddek) BARON VON BUCHHOLTZ  Husband of Dagmar von Groeddeck (Johann) Baronin von BuchholtzAscendant / Descendant
News & Updates
New rare book on Keyserlingk history now available on this site
By | 10/19/2020
Thanks to Gesima von Bogen, I have been able to upload a copy of a book first published in 1853 of 246 pages on the history of the Keyserlingk family. It is in German but is a treasure trove of inform...................
Join our new family page on Facebook. Already more than 100 members on board
By | 10/6/2020
I have opened a new Facebook page for Keyserlingk family members to communicate news about our families. Join us. .It is a closed group and members must be invited.   Send me a request to jo...................
New vidoe of Sorina Keyserlingk at work on You tube
By | 9/29/2020
See it at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcNktqNYCnk&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR3lTPPNFNe6vztAWznB7RTgncYSQbUuZEdkOVM8sCrJ-OYzsK5OSeeMKu4&ab_channel=SorinavonKeyserlingSkulpture...................
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