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Agnes Baronesse Keyserlingk (Michael) Baronin von Nolde's family Siblings : George Johann (Anna Margarethe von Rappe) Baron Keyserlingk, Hermann Carl (Elisabeth von Haudringk/Anna Baronesse vonTrotta) Baron Keyserlingk, Levin (Catharina Baronesse von Roenne) Baron Keyserlingk, Dorothea Catharina Baronesse Keyserlingk (Georg Christoph) von Haudringk
No Descendants Found for Agnes Baronesse Keyserlingk (Michael) Baronin von Nolde  who is a DAUGHTER of  Georg Johann 1(Catharine von Dellwig/Anna Baronesse von Manteuffel) Freiherr Keyserlingk
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Join our new Keyserlingk family page on Facebook. Already more than 100 members on board.
By | 11/12/2020
We now have a closed Keyserlingk family Facebook page with over 100 family members already on board. Its a great way to get to know more about your family members.  If you have not already joined...................
Curt von Keyserlingk of South Africa wins prize
By | 11/1/2020
Curt Baron Keyserlingk of South Africa wins an important prize. Dr von Keyserlingk’s received the Medal in recognition of his remarkable discoveries in non-equilibrium physics, including the disco...................
New rare book on Keyserlingk history now available on this site
By | 10/19/2020
Thanks to Gesima von Bogen, I have been able to upload a copy of a book first published in 1853 of 246 pages on the history of the Keyserlingk family. It is in German but is a treasure trove of inform...................
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