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Tanya Elena Brigitte Helga Comtesse Keyserlingk (Scott) Wilson's family Siblings : Nicolas NICO Alexander Robert Oskar Henry (Ruth Taylor/Milena Popova) Graf Keyserlingk, Gabrielle Maria Brigitte Cecile Comtesse Keyserlingk (Rick) Perkins
Nadia Brianne Wilson (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - 2001 ) DAUGHTER of Tanya Elena Brigitte Helga Comtesse Keyserlingk (Scott) Wilson Ascendant / Descendant
Elena Erika Alexandra Wilson (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - 2003 ) DAUGHTER of Tanya Elena Brigitte Helga Comtesse Keyserlingk (Scott) Wilson Ascendant / Descendant
News & Updates
Curt Keyserlingk is now a Physics and Astronomy Fellow at Birmingham University in the UK.
By | 5/22/2019
Curt is part of the South African branch of the Baron Keyserlingk family. His father was a well-known journalist in South Africa.  Curt has pursued studies in Physics and Astronmy and holds a PHD...................
Henry Keyserlingk passed away peacefully on April 19, 2019 in Cownansville, Quebec
By | 5/6/2019
Dr. John Keyserlingk, his younger brother wrote  He finally lost his 2-year battle with Leukemia. His passing was very gentle thanks to the incredible staff at the Maison Diapason in Bromo...................
Gaby Keyserlingk Perkins off to Africa in July 2019
By | 4/11/2019
Gaby and her family are planning their trip to Uganda to visit friends from San Antonio and then on to Tanzania to do a safari with their kids Caleb and Amelia....................
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