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Gabrielle Maria Brigitte Cecile Comtesse Keyserlingk (Rick) Perkins's family Siblings : Nicolas NICO Alexander Robert Oskar Henry (Ruth Taylor/Milena Popova) Graf Keyserlingk, Tanya Elena Brigitte Helga Comtesse Keyserlingk (Scott) Wilson
Caleb Ian Perkins (Denver, Colorado - 2005 ) SON of Gabrielle Maria Brigitte Cecile Comtesse Keyserlingk (Rick) Perkins Ascendant / Descendant
Amelia Claire Perkins (San Antonio, Texas - 2008 ) DAUGHTER of Gabrielle Maria Brigitte Cecile Comtesse Keyserlingk (Rick) Perkins Ascendant / Descendant
News & Updates
First 2 Chapters of book in Russian on Henry the whaler
By | 5/12/2020
During my October 2019 trip to Vladivostok, I found a book written in Russian entitled The return of the Keyserlings. It goes into details about Henry Keyserling, the Whaler. It has a picture of Hen...................
Across Russia by train.
By | 5/12/2020
Monique and I crossed Russia by train from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok in September 2019. You can read about this adventure at://p              https://...................
Wolfspoint guestbook 1945-1960. A bit of Baltic history of a family place.
By Sander | 4/28/2020
  Wolfspoint was an old Bavarian farmhouse, the last home of Henry Keyserlingk, the Whaler and his wife Marie. After their death it was Henrys sister Eveline who ran the house and...................
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